What were your biggest risks this year?

1. Cyber Risk
2013 was a "cyber tipping-point," causing businesses and governments to take a deeper look at the threats posed by new technology. Read the third annual
"Information Security & Cyber Liability Risk Management" survey, published by Advisen and sponsored by Zurich, to learn more.

2. Trade Credit and Political Risk
Trade Credit insurance can help many companies navigate foreign risks, as they look for opportunities around the globe during this period of economic uncertainty. Read our white paper, "Companies turning to Trade Credit Insurance in an unpredictable and debt-laden world," to find out more about this option.

3. Global D&O

U.S. multinationals' foreign directors and officers face a rockier liability, legal and regulatory environment than in the previous decade, raising questions about how well some organizations are protecting their overseas executives. Zurich's white paper, "Global developments affecting D&O liability overseas," offers possible solutions to help protect your company's foreign directors and officers.

4. Changing Healthcare Requirements
Healthcare providers might need to change the way they conduct business due to new regulations, which could impact their costs and risks. Watch Zurich's Healthcare Practice Leader, Dan Nash, discuss the changing healthcare industry.

5. Supply Chain and Business Interruption
Supply chain disruptions continue to have a significant impact on business performance; risks that were of less concern in 2012 climbed in the ranks for main causes of disruptions. Read "Supply Chain Resilience 2013," authored by the Business Continuity Institute and sponsored by Zurich, to learn more about disruption trends.