Author of Timer™DIET Sherri Sue Fisher (CFMA member aka Sherri S. Parkin, CPA)

So I have decided to tap into my creative side and publish my first book, TimerDIET, which focuses on weight-loss and most importantly—maintenance. Business women will obtain a lot of useful information on how to lose or maintain weight, while being a working professional. See CEO Blog Nation featuring TimerDiet! “Tips for Busy Business Executives and Entrepreneurs to Stay Healthy” Link:

“A relatively sensible—if not entirely original—diet book…Fisher provides a solid foundation for the mental part of losing weight using a system of journaling, timed snacks, makeovers—of the wardrobe, kitchen and pantry—and strategies to help work through stress, discouragement, jealousy, insecurities (from partners or friends, too), and even occasions such as parties and holidays that may arise on the journey. Her emphases on ease and satisfaction are key; Fisher knows that few are likely to succeed if a diet is joyless…this guide offers a commendable introduction to navigating the pitfalls of dieting.”—Kirkus Reviews

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