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Neither rain, nor dust nor gale force winds kept VoS CFMA......

....from their appointed rounds! The UMOM New Day Centers Walk for Homeless Families was held Saturday, September 27th at the Phoenix Zoo. It was a fun day enjoyed by all:

 Not only did everyone have a good time, but UMOM was able to raise $51,742!! It isn't too late to donate! Visit

Offer for New Prospective CFMA members!

Starting today, anyone who becomes a member of CFMA will receive 18 months of membership for the price of 12.  The new member will pay full national and chapter dues (no proration of dues) and their membership will extend until March 31, 2016.  This program will be in effect until March 31 so any new member who joins between today and March 31, 2015 will pay for a full year and their membership will expire on March 31, 2016.  Click for the 18 for 12 membership application.

If you have any questions on the 18 for 12 promotion, contact Mike Verbanic, Director or Member Experience at or 609-945-2418.

Now is the time to sign up.........

Now is the time to sign up for the October 15 Overview session and prepare to earn the CCIFP designation.

As summer winds down; and thoughts turn to those cool evenings and warm sunny days (under 90 degrees) . . . . one must wonder;  “What am I to  do with myself this fall????”
Funny you should ask - - because CFMA has the ANSWER - - 
Yes, the CCIFP Overview course is just around the corner!!  Don’t let the date slip by . . .  October 15th  . . . a day of learning, of sharing experiences, of networking . . . a day to Define the Body of Knowledge we experience daily in our work lives – and that are the basis for the CCIFP exam!!!
Remember . . Scholarships are available !!
- Merely be VoS CFMA member in good standing and sit for the exam;  and the chapter reimburses the Overview fee (thus, it be free!!)

AND - - VoS CFMA is scheduled for a CCIFP exam - - 12/13/14 (you will not see THAT date sequence again – good karma; so this is YOUR year to take the exam!!) . . .  so save THAT date also!!

Milestone Members

Many thanks to our Milestone Members! All 3 of these gentlemen have been with VoS CFMA since the beginning and we could not do what we do without them! Thank you gentlemen for your hardwork, your dedication and involvement! Please join me in thanking:

Letter from the President

Well, it is hard for me to believe it but August is almost over with, seems like yesterday but it was long ago, that we were congratulating Jim Dinan of Bel Aire Mechanical as Construction Executive of the Year and celebrating the career of Pioneer Winner Ken Nessler of Sun Valley Masonry. In a blink of an eye the year is nearly half over. I have to admit while I am writing this newsletter, I have been in a bit of a funk, you see I just had my birthday, the last one before I receive my AARP card, : (Oh well, as my 9 year old daughter Ruby would say, “You’re not old Daddy, you’re just …. Ah, um, well, … tall”.

Our goal during drafting our strategic plan for the year was to ensure that the activities we planned incorporated 1) providing a forum for the exchange of ideas, 2) a source of educational programs, and 3) an investment in our community through industry related issues and charitable endeavors. The other evening we had an event at Chase Field where chapter members witnessed the Di…