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Dennis Tsonis Receives Outstanding Service Award

Recently, Dennis Tsonis, Lovitt & Touché Senior Vice President, was recognized with an Outstanding Service award by the American Subcontractor Association of Arizona for his contributions towards the development of the Building Leaders Development Group (BLDG), a group designed to cultivate relationships among young (under 40) high-potential industry professionals and to enhance leadership skills through mentorship with more seasoned leaders within the construction industry.  “In the last 6 months, since the programs inception, the BLDG mentorship program has really taken off”, stated Tsonis.  “It’s been a great opportunity for current leaders to help prepare the next generation of leaders within the construction industry”, Tsonis added.  This initiative couldn’t have been possible without the entire BLDG committee, comprised of Jolene Jones from Jones Concrete Construction, Cory Albano from CEMEX, Matt Meaker from Sacks Tierney, and Jeff Byers from National Bank of Arizona.

Diamondbacks Game!


'National Leave the Office Early Day'

Here's a reason to have a smile on your face at work - June 2 is National Leave the Office Early Day. The idea is to get things done in less time and have the rest of the day to spend with family and friends. It is important to note that this is an unofficial national holiday, so check and see if your company observes. Don't up and leave, or you may not have a job to come back to!