2 million passwords stolen in massive hack

Security researchers have stumbled upon a huge file of stolen user names and passwords.

By Julie Bort, Business Insider

A computer security researcher has stumbled upon another huge file of stolen user names and passwords that was posted on the Internet for other hackers to enjoy.

Daniel Chechik and his fellow researchers at Trustwave SpiderLabs found a cache of user names and passwords for 2 million accounts that gives hackers access to accounts on popular websites like Facebook (FB -0.58%), Google (GOOG -0.08%), Yahoo (YHOO +1.94%), Twitter (TWTR +4.42%), LinkedIn (LNKD +3.39%) and others.

This stash of 2 million passwords follows a massive hack on Adobe Systems (ADBE -1.80%) revealed in October in which a jaw-dropping 38 million user accounts and passwords were nabbed and posted online.

That attack was so big that other website vendors were affected because many people use the same user name and password for all of their websites. Website vendors like Facebook and Evernote sifted through hacked passwords, found accounts using the hacked user/password combo and forced those people to change their passwords.

Evernote even went so far as to blame Adobe by name as the reason why it was forcing Evernote users to change their passwords.

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