Spotlighting a 2018 Executive of the Year Winner - Subcontractor!

Dan Puente, D.P. Electric

Dan Puente started D.P. Electric 27 years ago in his garage. Today the company employs over 300 employees and generates $65M in annual revenue.

His message today is the same as it was 27 years ago- do quality work, strive for continuous improvement and re-invest the growth of the Company back into the people at DP.

He doesn't promise what can't be achieved and understands that trust and confidence are slow to build, quick to damage, and hard to repair.

He has created a Company culture that is entrepreneurial, team-oriented and emphasizes an open-door policy with upper management. 

He has shown an interest in recruiting and investing in our youth through his involvement on the board of the Arizona Builders Alliance and the ACE Mentorship Program.

Overall, he is a man of his word that gives back whenever possible and is respected and loved by many in the industry.