President's Letter

 Dear VOS Members,
Wow! Isn't it amazing how fast a year can go by? I can't believe that my term as President of our CFMA chapter is coming to a close, and I also can't be more proud of all that we have achieved together over the past 12 months!
The leadership set out with a mission this year to increase member engagement - believing that an engaged member is one who, by participating in CFMA events benefits from their membership, gets involved, stays a member and invites others to become members. We approached this mission from many angles - subsidizing national conference registration, hosting regional happy hours, starting a Women of CFMA group, organizing community service events. Also, we implemented some practical improvements, like a weekly e-mail communication to keep your inboxes less cluttered, and we are working toward formalizing a Communications Committee to bring new life to the monthly newsletter and a strategic approach to our social media presence.
We are numbers people - so how did we measure the success of these efforts? Well, at the start of the year, approximately 50% of our members were inactive - participating in 1 (or none) events each year. We have reduced that number and now over 60% of our members are actively participating in 2 or more events over the past year! After a gradual decline in lunch attendance, the numbers have been steadily increasing (to the point of standing room only some months!) And, we had 103 members - 1/3 of our members - attend the national conference last June! Our golf tournament sold out, and we granted nine scholarships to university students this year. Oh, and let's not forget, we DID win Chapter of the Year!
Where do we go from here? With our increasingly engaged membership, giving them more to keep them engaged! I'm so excited to support Jennifer Hopper, our incoming president, in enhancing our educational offerings to our members and their staff. I hope I can help in the efforts to reenergize members in obtaining their CCIFP certification. Personally, I look forward to having more time to devote to the Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention and continuing the life saving work we are doing there. In addition to that I would love to help organize and unify our members with other industry efforts working to solve the workforce shortage facing construction companies today and in the years to come.
It is with genuine gratitude that I thank more people than I can possibly list here - but I will name just a few. The officers I've had the privilege of serving with the past three years: Dave Miller, a role model leader that I was privileged to learn from; Ryan Evans, who I served under as treasurer and modeled how to juggle the chapter president role while keeping many other balls in the air; Lynne Pace whose enthusiasm for all things CFMA is contagious; Debby Anderson who inspires me with her quiet strength and poise; Jared Asay and Karl Kortman who exemplify professionalism, brilliance and servant leadership in all that they do; and Jennifer Hopper whose support and comradery I have so enjoyed and appreciated. The entire Board of Directors and Committee Chairs who put all of the plans and ideas into action, none of the great things accomplished this year would have happened without each of them. Last but not least, Stephanie Weadock, who keeps the chapter running so smooth - the admin transition two years ago is probably one of the biggest undertakings we had as a leadership team but it makes the hand off so much easier knowing that there is such great support behind the scenes.
And, finally, each and every member - THANK YOU for making our chapter all that it is - an active, enthusiastic group, 325 strong.   A group that gives back to the organization and the community, who shares knowledge with fellow members and works together to support and improve the construction industry and accounting profession.
All the best to each of you,
Michelle Walker