Congratulations to the participants and winners of the SkillsUSA AZ Craft Championship!

ABA Electrical Apprentices competed in the SkillsUSA AZ Championships at the Phoenix Convention Center on April 15. Contestants included: 
  • Nathan Akins of Gaylor Electric 
  • Jason Hansen 
  • Brian Hart of Corbins Electric
  • Simeon Higbee of Wilson Electric
  • Kris Hill of Wilson Electric
  • Geoffary Mullins of Jenco
  • Matt Rice of DP Electric
  • Michael Visvydas of Corbins Electric
  • Justin Weber of Corbins Electric
Contestants represents students in the ABA's Electrical Apprenticeship program who are in the their last year and a half of the program.  They won the right to participate in the event by scoring among the Top 10 individuals on an entrance exam.  

Contestants participated over a 7-hour period to construct an intricate system of motor controls.  The winner of the event will attend SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference in Kansas City June 23-27 and will compete in the Industrial Motor Controls contest against first place winners from across the country. 
To find out more about the competition, please click here.