Contractors Beware: Major Changes in the ROC Complaint Process

Under the ROC's new procedures, from the moment a complaint is filed, virtually every step in the investigative and citation process has changed.

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors (ROC) has adopted significant changes in the way it responds to complaints against its licensees. Abandoning its previous complainant-driven process, whereby citations were issued solely at the request of the complainant, regardless of whether the ROC found merit in the claims, now the ROC will decide whether the evidence provided by the complainant and/or gathered by the ROC investigator warrants a citation.

Also, for the first time, the ROC will review previous claims made against a contractor and how the contractor handled them as part of its evaluation of a pending complaint, in order to help determine the appropriate sanctions.

Finally, once a complaint is filed, the ROC owns the process. This means that even if the complainant and the contractor settle their dispute, the ROC is not necessarily going to be willing to dismiss the complaint and may continue to proceed with prosecuting the claim.

Author & VoS CFMA  member: Matthew B. Meaker  

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