Wearables in Construction

Wearable technology is emerging as a game-changing tool for construction jobsites. One of wearable technology’s biggest benefits are their accessibility and portability. Since these devices are designed to be worn by an individual, they’re easily transported anywhere – including jobsites.

Wearable technology is making a significant impact in both productivity and safety on the jobsite. Let’s take a look at a few examples.

Smart Glasses

Smart glasses provide users with enhanced visuals and collect real-time data. Many brands of smart glasses are equipped with an internet-connected camera that can quickly send information from one location to another, offsite staff to see the jobsite the way the field workers see it. This opens up entirely new avenues for collaboration and efficiency. For example, PMs can instantly see video and receive an update on a project’s progress, while jobsite workers can get insight and feedback from remote staff on how to approach a project. From a safety perspective, real-time video can help document jobsite conditions for more streamlined inspections.

Smart Helmets

Similarly, smart helmets can also increase jobsite productivity and safety. These devices use augmented reality to display instructions on the visor to guide the user through the task at hand, which can reduce time spent on a job and likelihood of errors occurring. Like smart glasses, this wearable device records video and images in real-time and can send them to others. This allows workers to connect with offsite staff for feedback and help. In addition, certain helmets can also detect the internal temperature of surrounding objects, ensuring that staff are working within a safe environment at all times.

The Future of Construction

As the construction industry continues to embrace new and innovative technology for their businesses, the use of wearables will continue to grow. From wearable tools to the arrival of drones to improvements in BIM technology, more and more tools and equipment are arriving for safer and more efficient jobsites.

Eric Goldstein is the President of C/F Data Systems in Needham, MA. With more than 25 years of experience in the construction software arena, Eric has led C/F Data’s ongoing development of the company’s flagship solution, STRUCTURE. He can be reached at (781) 337-9900 or www.cfdatasystems.com.


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