Beware of IRS email scams; Keep accurate records

IRS Scams
It may look like a legitimate notice or request, but if you get an email that says it’s from the IRS, it probably is a scam. 

Scammers are targeting employers and telling them that they owe penalties under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  The emails say your company owes fines and asks for you to pay them online. 

DO NOT RESPOND to these types of emails.   

The IRS has said repeatedly that it does not send emails; it notifies employers by mail.  And even by mail, the IRS generally provides you an opportunity to question or argue a penalty or fine before you are required to pay it.  

Although you should disregard emails that say they are from the IRS, you should take seriously and respond in writing on a timely basis to IRS letters.

Accurate Records for ACA Compliance

For this year’s ACA reporting and next year’s, as well as all other compliance requirements, it’s important that you have detailed and accurate records of your actions.  Some of these include:

·       Offers of coverage:  who, what, when

·       Affordability safe harbor used.  This could be one safe harbor method for all employees, or different safe harbors based on classes of employees.

·       Acceptance/enrollment in coverage or waived coverage.  Best practice is to have a signed and dated waiver from employees that do not enroll.

·       Distribution of required notices, including a list/copy of notices and how/to whom they were sent.