Financial Benchmarker Deadline is FAST approaching!

CFMA has been providing a Financial Benchmarker service offering to its member since 1989.  Over the past few years, respondent input levels had shown signs of some decline.  Efforts to address this have resulted in a streamlining of the data submission process and acceleration of the collection period to allow survey results to be available to users earlier than in the past. 

In many ways, the benefit one receives from his / her CFMA experiences is directly tied to the level of one’s involvement and the Financial Benchmarker can be an excellent tool to help develop industry specific skills in serving the needs of one’s company and / or clients and thereby enhancing the value proposition of CFMA membership. This year, the amount of time required to complete the survey has been significantly reduced!
We need your company’s information to best deliver the data that details the industry!
PLUS, all Participants will receive:
CPA Firms
Upload your client data and receive a variety of Financial Survey and Benchmarker products for both you and your clients.
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