2016 Construction Executive of the Year Finalist Highlight

Kelly Anderson - Jenco, Inc.

Anyone that has met Kelly Anderson, or spent time around the Jenco office, knows what a hardworking and avid learner he is. After high school, Kelly moved to Arizona from Iowa and became a delivery truck driver for AJ Goulder Electric. His dedication to learning really paid off in the early years of his career, because by the time Goulder shut their doors seven years after he delivered his first shipment, he was Vice President of Administration. Kelly opened Jen Electric in 1990 at the age of 26. Since then he's acquired three other operational companies which he merged together to form Jenco. He is currently leading Jenco on a LEAN journey, leveraging the philosophy and practices of LEAN to challenge the team to eliminate waste around their office, in the warehouse and on jobsites. He is very passionate about eliminating waste and believes this enables workers to be more productive and customers to enjoy a higher quality product and receive service at a lower cost. With Kelly's strong passion for learning he readily shares his leadership and knowledge with employees, customers and vendors. Being the leader that he is, Kelly is always moving forward in the industry with technology and management practices, and encourages the rest of his team to do the same.

Kelly is a member of LEAN Construction Institute and Arizona Builder's Alliance and encourages everyone on Jenco's management team to become involved in these or other industry organizations.