Scholarship Support

One the best parts of CFMA is being able to support the future generations of our Construction Leaders. Recently we received a thank you letter from one of our scholarship recipients and we would like to share it with you:

Dear CFMA Valley of the Sun Chapter,

My name is Naomi Kartz and I am a sophomore at Arizona State University with a major in Construction Management. I am quite excited and very grateful for the CFMA Joseph J. Quigley Memorial Scholarship that I have recently been awarded. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your immense contribution to the future of my education.

During my freshman year at ASU last year, I kept very active in the Construction clubs as well as trying to maintain a high GPA. I really enjoyed the connections that I made through Advancing Women in Construction (AWIC) as well as the numerous site tours I was able to take. I really feel that my involvement with activities in construction outside of my regular course load enhanced my experience and really added a new dimension to what I was learning in the classroom. Through this hard work and the aid from my professors, I was able to make the Dean’s List for both the Fall and Spring semesters.

In closing, I am very eager to begin the new chapter of my life centered on Construction Management. I believe that through hard work and determination, I will be capable of achieving great success. Most important of all, as a woman in the industry, I hope to become an effective leader and inspire innovation for all. I thank you, once again, for your invaluable contribution to my bright future ahead

Sincerely,  Naomi Kartz
Congratulations Naomi & we are sure your future will be very bright!