around the Chapter

by Marj Weber


Back by popular demand - ok just two people admitted they have read and enjoyed the past columns, and in my opinion, more than one makes this column 'popular'!! 

First things first - don't you just love the new version of our Chapter Newsletter?  And now thanks to the amazing Michelle Walker, it is published monthly!!  Love it!! 

Even I had trouble remembering the last time this column was written - had to look it up! (Note here: back issues of the Copper State Ledger are available on our website-in case you are in search of good reading material!)  Last column was back in October, yes when we were envisioning cooler days and much cooler nights.  Sorry to say those much cooler temps came in early December and were gone after Christmas!  So tired...... 

Getting back to the Chapter 'happenings' (have I shown my age AGAIN?) a lot of FUN stuff has happened and a bunch more to come. 

The Golf Tournament last year was another huge success, though I missed it, that day job again!  The next very fun event which also drew an inordinate amount of guests, primarily male, was our December site visit of the new Cubs Spring Training facility in Mesa - yes contrary to popular belief there is some great stuff in Mesa.  Awesome facility and I do hope some of  you were able to catch a Spring Training game or two. 

Thursday, April 17th found us back at The Palomar for the 14th Annual Arizona Construction Industry Executive of the Year Award Banquet.  Another lovely evening with over 200 members and guests in attendance.  Congratulations to all of the winners, especially the BUtS winners Lynne Pace and Stephan King. 

And not quite a month later the 6th Annual Education Forum - Covering Your A$$ets was held at the Airport Marriott.  This year's lead off sessions - Arizona TPT, Version 2015 Panel and How to Navigate Health Care Reform - set the stage for a very successful day.  I must say even this veteran speaker has never seen a Panel discussion topic create such a 'buzz' as the TPT topic.  As a result, with Dave Miller in the lead and a lot of help from his friends (Dave James specifically), the Valley of the Sun Chapter drafted a position paper with endorsements from ABA and AGC and presented to the Arizona Department of Revenue for consideration during the drafting of Rules and Regulations period.  We have yet to hear back, however we have also been in contact with Karen Fann, an Arizona Legislator who has indicated she will be interested in working with us to bring about much needed change to this law.  Stay tuned to this e-newsletter and other communications from VoS CFMA for all of the latest on this game changing legislation. 

June found many of us in Las Vegas at the National CFMA Conference.  And from rumors I have heard a FUN time was had by all.  Don't let anyone tell you that Accountants don't know how to have fun!!  See Dave James' article also posted for more details and incriminating information. 

Next time, I promise to catch you up on any programs you missed and the Charity events held over the past several months.  Until then..................




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