Beat the Heat and Keep the Job (and Air) Moving
Employee productivity is a crucial piece of the puzzle of running a successful business. While incorporating air movement on construction sites might not be at the forefront of owners’ and operators’ minds, the health and safety of their employees often is a top priority. Connecting the dots between air movement and the well-being of employees ensures everyone working on construction sites remains productive and healthy—especially during hot summer months.

Technological advances in mobile and portable fans allow airflow to reach workers in every type of space, without creating a safety hazard. This air movement works to help keep employees cool and comfortable, reducing hazardous conditions in the workplace and maintaining productivity.

Benefits of Air Movement

Aside from reducing heat-related incidents, incorporating air movement on construction sites can combat other issues as well. Dust and dirt swirling through the air, along with construction materials that may contain harsh chemicals and toxins, add more potentially harmful elements to a job site. Fans can help turn the air over several times per hour, creating uniform air distribution, helping to reduce the chance of injury or illness related to poor air quality.

Whether a jobsite is inside or out, the threat of heat-related illness always looms if proper measures are not taken to combat the issue. Simple, effective air movement from fans is a win-win for business owners as employees are safe and productive, allowing construction executives to focus on running a successful construction site.