This time of year, our thoughts turn to being thankful & how we can express our gratitude for all gifts in our lives. One of the best expressions of thankfulness is volunteering. It can be as little as two hours or as big as a lifetime commitment. There are numerous organizations in the Valley that would be grateful for any help and it is easy to connect with them - as simple as a mouse click! Check out "Phoenix Volunteers" (no endorsement is implied, this is simply a suggestion):

Phoenix Volunteers supports various non-profit organizations in the Valley by organizing local volunteer opportunities, making it easy for busy people in the community to volunteer their time.

By coordinating local volunteer opportunities at convenient times and for minimal amounts of time, only 2 to 4 hours,
Phoenix Volunteers makes it easy to fit volunteering into your hectic schedule. Events are usually held on weekends or evenings and are posted well in advance.
                                            A couple of hours is all it takes.

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                                              to see how you can get involved!